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Environmentalists Urge Kenyan to Plant Trees

Kenyans have been urged to plant trees during the quarantine period, so long as they observe social distancing as the country continues to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Henry Rotich an environmental expert said this was an opportune time for every mwananchi to plant a tree to commemorate the poignant and depressing situation in the country, and improve the environment for posterity.

Speaking today while planting a tree at his residence, Rotich said the quarantine period should be used by families to plant trees in their compounds and even along the roadside near them.

He said COVID-19 was a reminder to the entire world, what happens when there is an imbalance between animals, people and the environment. The disease is believed to have mutated from a seafood market in the Wuhan city of China. Patient zero was a shrimp seller at the market.

He added that the safe distance between wild animals and human beings were paramount for the latter’s survival, since diseases from the former were difficult to handle once they infect people due to their fast mutation.

He urged the government to ensure that all animal products which are being consumed at the moment, such as meat, broilers and milk were thoroughly inspected by experts.

Covid-19 has already claimed four lives and 122 cases confirmed positive in the country.

By Veronica Bosibori

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