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Equip Teachers well to effectively implement CBC, says KNUT official

The government has been asked to train teachers adequately to effectively implement Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

Murang’a South Knut Executive Secretary Mr. John Njata  said despite the exercise of implementing the curriculum being on course, there are many glaring loopholes which need to be sealed.

He observed that as a union they have information that teachers who have been trained on how to implement CBC need more training as they lack adequate knowledge on the new curriculum.

Speaking during Murang’a county education day held on Friday at Murang’a teachers training college, Njata further observed that the number of trained teachers on CBC is small compared to pupils’ population.

“Our members who are entrusted to teach new curriculum have told us that they are not well equipped to effectively implement the curriculum. The teachers also need to be provided with required materials on right time,” said the Knut official.

He said the curriculum is good and will nurture talents of young learners but it may be of no importance if poorly implemented.

“As Knut we have been accused of opposing the CBC but that’s not the truth. What we are agitating for is proper manner on its implementation. There is no need to have good curriculum and when it comes to implementation it is poorly done,” he added.

By December last year a total of 2, 671 teachers from Murang’a County had been trained on CBC with Teachers Service Commission (TSC) promising to train more.

Njata further said materials needed to train pupils should be delivered on time as teachers took a lot of time to improvise some items thus wasting teaching time.

Meanwhile the Knut official castigated TSC for trying to paralyze operations of Knut by failing to deduct member teachers’ money needed to support the union.

He said it was also wrong for the teacher employer to remove secondary teachers who are members of Knut and take them to KUPPET.

“The constitution allows an employer to join union of his or her choice. Its impunity for TSC to remove some of our members and register them with KUPPET without their consent. Let TSC adhere to law and court orders,” stated Njata.

Knut, he stressed, will continue to advocate for better working conditions for teachers and collaborate with other education stakeholders to improve education standards in the country.

Speaking during the same occasion, Murang’a county director of TSC Ms Jane Njagi said the government is committed to ensure teachers are adequately trained to implement CBC.

Njagi noted that more teachers are slated to be trained this year asking all stakeholders to support the exercise of implementing the CBC to make it successful.

By Bernard Munyao



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