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Evening accident claims four in Oyugis, Rachuonyo sub-county

Four people riding on a bodaboda lost their lives in an accident Thursday evening in Rachuonyo south sub county.

The accident which involved a lorry and a motorcycle occurred at the Kasimba junction on the Oyugis –Kisii highway near Oyugis town.

According to eyewitnesses the motorcycle rider carrying passengers from the Kodera area along the Rangwe- Oyugis Road entered the Oyugis –Kisii road at a high speed, and when he was negotiating to turn in the direction of Oyugis town, the lorry traveling from Kisii caught up with the boda boda in the middle of the road knocking it down and left the rider and his passengers fatally wounded.

The lorry which was carrying building stones lost control after hitting the motorcycle and overturned on the road.

The boda boda rider, his three passengers -a woman and two men died on the spot

Lilies Wachira, Rachuonyo south sub county police commander confirming the incident said the victims’ bodies were removed from the scene of the accident and taken to Rachuonyo south sub county hospital in Oyugis.

The police commander also said the lorry and the Boda boda motor cycle have been towed to Oyugis police station as police begin investigation over what might have led to the accident.

She called on drivers and motorcycle riders to observe traffic rules to help reduce accidents and loss of lives on the roads.

By Moseti Julius

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