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Ex- Mungiki leader lashes out on leaders engaging in 2022 campaigns

Former Mungiki leader and Amani Sasa CEO Mr Maina Njenga has lashed out at leaders engaging in campaigns for the 2022 elections saying they are insensitive to Kenyans.
Mr Njenga expressed his displeasure over politicians traversing the country talking about the 2022 succession politics when there was yet more to be done for Kenyans.
“This is not the time for politics but time to run development projects and preach peace across the country.
“When year 2022 comes, it is we Kenyans who shall decide who will be our president,” he said during a New Year prayer day at his home in Karandi, Laikipia county.
Amani Sasa CEO at the same time hit out on Jubilee party vice chairman Mr David Murathe over his statement on the Deputy President’s chances in 2022 saying everybody must be given a chance to be in the ballot.
“Everybody must be given equal chance to vie during the 2022 elections as it’s a right and they deserve all due respect while pursuing respective posts.
“We have no problem with anyone as it will be Kenyans who will decide who to elect when that time comes,” said Njenga.
He also challenged Kenyans to embrace the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga saying it will foster peace and unity in the country.
Njenga called upon Kenyans to stop seeing the president’s handshake in exclusivity saying “those who want to show interpret the new found unity differently are those who want to bring politics”.
“The handshake does not try to support anyone’s bid for the Presidency but it is a move to foster and bring peace across the country.
“There is nothing like the people of Central Kenya not supporting Deputy President William Ruto’s bid for the presidency as it will be his development track record that will determine if Kenyans will vote for him,” he added.
During the New Year prayer day all communities from Laikipia County vowed to maintain peace and shun cattle rustling that is a major challenge in the county.
By Jesse Mwitwa/ Charles Njoroge

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