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Exam is Well Secured, Magoha Assures Candidates

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha today supervised the commencement of this year’s national exams assuring the nation that the examination is well secured and its integrity is unquestionable.

Candidates of Kianjau Primary School in Thika town being frisked to ensure they do not enter into examination rooms with cheating materials

Speaking at Kianjau primary school in Thika, Kiambu County after launching the start of the national exams today, Magoha said there has not been any exam leakage and that they are on high alert to avoid cheating in exam rooms.

He said the exam is well guarded by two policemen in each centre and a number of government officials to safeguard its integrity and that should anything on the contrary crop up, it should be reported to authorities.

The CS said the exams have been prepared taking into consideration that candidates spent six months at home due to Covid-19 pandemic, and that candidates should not worry.

“It is all systems go for candidates. We know they are well prepared for the exams and that there should be no cause for alarm. All government agencies have taken charge of the exams and we assure the nation that it is well secured. It is an extraordinary exam as the first-time candidates are sitting for exams after being away from class for seven months,” he said.

The CS at the same time assured candidates especially those in private schools who were not registered for the final exams that they will not be locked out of the exams.

This comes after reports from the Nyanza region that some private schools failed to register its candidates for KCSE despite collecting registration fees from their parents.

He warned those involved that they will be punished ruthlessly.

“All candidates must take the exams without being penalized. Every other child who presents himself to the exam room as a candidate must sit for the exam even if it means photocopying a question paper for them. Afterwards, the government will deal firmly without fear or favour with those crooks who still think it is business as usual,” he said.

By Muoki Charles

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