Expect cabinet reshuffle, purge in parastatals, says Kang’ata

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Lazy and corrupt cabinet secretaries, heads of parastatals and government agencies will not be spared in new changes expected within the next three weeks.
Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata has said Kenyans should expect new changes as the president is working to bring in committed people to deliver on his development and unity agenda.
Kang’ata, who was recently appointed the majority chief whip in the Senate said some cabinet secretaries and parastatal heads have been engaging in corruption deals, thus hampering implementation of government projects.
Speaking while distributing food to less privileged families in Muthithi area of Kigumo Sub county Saturday, the senator noted that the President is working hard to ensure all ongoing projects across the country are completed before the end of his term.
However, Kang’ata observed that some cabinet secretaries for a long time have been involved in siphoning of public funds for various programmes and projects meant to uplift the lives of the people.
He predicted that some of the culprits may lose their positions and others get reshuffled as the President moves to put in place a determined team to drive his agenda on attaining national unity and equitable development
“The president is on record saying he is determined to ensure the country is united, a move which was initiated through handshake and also implementation of the big four agenda. If as a leader you are not supporting the president in his efforts, then count yourself out,” stated the Senator.
He continued, “We are going to have a new political dispensation, a team committed people to deliver to Kenyans. If a leader is facing criminal or corrupt cases he will definitely be dropped in the new changes,” hinted Kang’ata.
The senator majority whip also supported changes being done in various parliamentary committee membership and leadership saying those being removed were poor performers and have failed to champion government’s agenda.
“There is no malicious target to some MPs as many people were alleging. The changes are meant to remove those who have not been performing their duties effectively in both national assembly and the senate,” he noted.
He said the government is not weakening mandate of independent institutions saying the President is democratic as he respects decisions by the Judiciary and Parliament.
“I have seen people saying the current administration is emasculating the independence of the parliament, Judiciary among other independent bodies, which is not true. In many instances the executive has adhered to directives of the Judiciary, members of parliament have been talking so freely and there is no gagging up of independent bodies,” remarked the senate whip.
He underscored the impressive development score attained by the current regime saying the country had seen many tarmacked roads, even in the central region where some people are falsely accusing the Jubilee administration of neglecting the area.
Meanwhile, Kang’ata said his office will continue supporting families which have been affected by hunger occasioned Covid 19.
The senator has been going round the county donating food and non-food items to vulnerable residents in an effort to overcome challenges posed by coronavirus.
By Bernard Munyao

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