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Expect Heavy rainfall in the next seven days-MET department

Kenya Meteorological Department Director Dr. David Gikungu has reiterated that the rainfall being experienced over several parts of the country is expected to continue up to Saturday 29th April, 2023.

“The rainfall is likely to intensify to more than 30mm in 24hrs starting today 25th April, 2023 in the Central Highlands including Nairobi County, the South and Central Rift Valley, the Southeastern lowlands, off South Coast and parts of Northeastern Kenya,” Dr Gikungu said in a statement.

He named Kiambu County as one area of concern among others in the region and called upon residents to be on the lookout for potential floods.

“Flood waters may appear in places where it has not rained heavily, especially downstream. Residents are advised to avoid driving through, or walking in moving water or open fields and not to shelter under trees and near grilled windows to minimize exposure to lightning strikes,” Gikungu advised.

He said the average daytime (maximum) temperatures will be moderate (20degrees C to 30 degrees C) over most parts of the country.

Separately, Kiambu County Director of Meteorological Services, Magdalene Gateri has said the region will in the next seven days experience moderate to heavy rainfall including thunderstorms.

Giving a weekly weather forecast, Gateri said areas of Limuru, Kabete, Kiambaa , Githunguri and also Lari will experience cloudy mornings with sunny intervals throughout the coming week but  the afternoons will be very cloudy and rainy.

“Most of the Sub-counties are experiencing temperatures of between 14 degrees and 19 degrees maximum. Githunguri areas of Ikinu, Ngewa and Githiga rainfall continues to be recorded with the areas expected to be foggy, cloudy and even thunderstorm possibilities,” she added.

The County Director called on residents to harvest water whenever it rains and also urged them to continue carrying out various farm activities appropriately.

Gateri said the last seven days has seen rainfall continue to be recorded over most parts of the County.

By Wangari Ndirangu


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