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Family appeals for help to educate boy

A family in Org’os, Kajiado Central Sub County is appealing to well-wishers to help them educate their deaf and dumb boy.


The 16-year-old, Shadrack Saitore was schooling at Ilbissil school for the deaf and managed to perform well but has not been able to enroll at Machakos School for the deaf due to lack of school fees.


“My son has now stayed at home for over a year due to lack of school fees. He is a bright and needy boy and he will do well in life once given an opportunity to advance his education. I am appealing to any well-wishers to help us school him,” said Pushati ole Sonto, the boy’s father.


Mzee Pushati adds that the drought which adversely affected Kajiado County has decimated all his livestock which was his only source of income thus he has no other means to educate his son.


Saitore’s mother, Nareni Pushati, says that her son is an obedient child who loves God and she is certain that though he is abled differently, he will be able to change their family’s fortune once educated.


“Though Saitore was born deaf and dumb, I noticed that he is bright and enrolled him in Ilbissil school for the deaf. The stigma from the community has never dampened his hopes of a better future and I would love to witness him succeed in life. Kindly help us educate him as we wait for better times,” said Nareni


Through sign language, Saitore expressed his wishes to further his education saying that he would like to change the situation of his elderly parents whose source of livelihood has been ravaged by the drought.


Any well-wishers who would like to help can get in touch with the family’s representative Emmanuel Saimuta through mobile number 0721393959.


By Diana Meneto

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