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Family in agony as kin’s body detained in morgue over bill

A family from Kianjoya village in Murang’a County has been subjected to endless agony after failing to bury their mother a month after she passed away due to a huge hospital bill.

Jedidah Nyawira Magondu’s body is lying at the Kenyatta National Referral Hospital mortuary over a Sh2 million unpaid bill.

“From the time she passed on, we have tried all means to raise the money, but it has been impossible. We have called on people and even friends for help, but we are yet to raise the amount, and now we are on the verge of giving up,” said Jackson Kimemia, a son to the deceased.

Kimemia remarked that the only option left for them is to ask the hospital to dispose of the body since they have exhausted all the channels for raising the hospital bill considering they all do menial jobs to earn a livelihood.

Nyumba Kumi leader Kamau Mwangi noted that the situation in the deceased’s home was so dire and added that, as a village, they had reached a dead end.

“We set up the tents for the funeral over a month ago and have not managed to raise a substantial amount to offset the bill; it is very unfortunate since the deceased was a widow whose husband died in a motorcycle accident several years ago,” Mwangi said.

“We appeal to any well-wisher to come to the aid of this family so that we can give the deceased a decent sendoff next to where the remains of her late husband are buried,” he pleaded.

He further observed that the family was also in need of food essentials as they are in a depressed state whereby they cannot even fend for themselves as their mother’s remains lie in the morgue.

By Florence Kinyua

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