Monday, February 6, 2023
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Family Quarantined in Village

The family of a thirteen-year-old boy, who tested positive at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital after a long admission for tuberculosis (TB) treatment, has been quarantined at their home at Kimunya village in Solai location.
Area Chief Peter Chege said public health officials from the county went to the home and ordered the six family members to stay in-doors and not allow any visitor in their home.
Unfortunately, the family was among the people who were traumatised by the Patel farm dam bust which killed a number of people in the area three years ago, and left others destitute.
The chief said the youngster is the fourth borne in a family of six children and the parents are squatters who depend on daily labour to feed their family, and appealed for assistance for them.
Despite having tested positive after having stayed in hospital for more than a month, yesterday the officer-in-charge of the hospital, Dr John Mburu said they were still carrying out more tests to confirm whether the results were accurate.
Speaking to KNA today, the chief said the young boy who is a standard four pupil has been sickly but has never travelled outside the county and the villagers were amazed how he would have been infected.
He added that the awareness creation has gone a notch higher, and they were emphasising on hand-washing, physical distancing and the stay at the home policy to prevent any further spread of the virus in their village.
By Veronica Bosibori

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