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Family that was blessed with quadruplets appeal for help

The family of a woman who gave birth to quadruplets over the weekend in Thika’s Makongeni estate is distraught, fearing raising the babies might be a toll order after losing their jobs during this Covid-19 period.
Though happy due to the blessings, they say they were not prepared to get four kids, and that they know life will be difficult for them going forward. The couple also has another seven years old girl.
According to the mother of the quadruplets, Eunice Wambui, a housewife; and her husband Njomo Kiogora, a tout said during l clinics they were advised to prepare to get twins after conducting an ultrasound.

The triplets that Eunice Wambui, from Thika’s Makongeni estate gave birth to on Saturday. She had given birth to quadruplets unfortunately one was a still birth after she was compressed in the womb by the other three babies.

Wambui underwent a Cesarean section at St. Matthias Mulumba Hospital on Saturday in Thika town where four infants were delivered, three girls and a boy.
Unfortunately, one of the girls was a fresh still birth, due to what doctors said had been compressed by the other three. One of the infants weighed 1.9 kilograms whereas the other two are 2 kilograms each.

“As a family, we are surprised as we were not prepared to get quadruplets. Though we are happy, we know raising them will be a toll order. Anyone who wishes to support can do so,” said Wambui
According to Dr. Regina Nderitu, Wambui was admitted at the facility on Saturday morning as an emergency case and taken to theatre where she delivered the kids.
“The mother is now in the ward with her kids and they are all stable. The babies are breastfeeding and it is only a matter of time before they are discharged,” she said.
All the family needs is for well-wishers and the community to help the family raise the kids, since it is unstable financially.

By Muoki Charles

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