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Family with disability curse appeals for help

A family in Nyamathumbi village, Gatundu North Sub County whose child, mother and grandmother suffer deformed limbs have called for help to enable the young girl undergo correctional surgery.

It has been a life of distress for the family who have been forced to depend on well-wishers and neighbors for support even in household chores.

The three have deformed feet, and conjoined fingers and toes, a disability which they have tried searching for answers with no luck.

The family is racing against time to raise Sh 2 million to rescue the two-year-old, who doctors at Kijabe Hospital orthopedic section said would lead a normal life if done this year.

The girl, Shekainah Njeri, has six conjoined fingers in each hand and eight toes in each foot all which need to be separated. Her weak legs have also bent backwards and need correctional surgery.

Doctors said correctional surgery will involve separation of the finger and toes and removal of excess ones, and straightening of the legs.

The child can barely stand, walk or have a firm grip on anything, with her mother Anne Wachuka Njeri worrying that she may suffer once she attains school going age.

“Other than the disability, she is normal. She is very social and despite showing willingness to play with her mates, the disability restricts her,” she said.

Mary Njeri Mburu from Nyamathumbi village, Gatundu North Sub County holding her grandchild who together with her mother suffer from disabled limbs. The two years old girl requires Sh 2million to undergo correctional surgery.

Wachuka who got her legs amputated 32 years ago after her family was unable to raise funds to take her for correctional surgery while she was still young, walks on crutches.

Being the only child of Mary Njeri Mburu, who also suffers from similar disability Njeri says the family has gone through a lot emotionally and financially.

No one in the family can have a firm grip on things as they all have conjoined fingers. All they want is the young girl to be different and to have her achieve her life dreams.

“If only my daughter can get support to undergo surgery this year. It is painful seeing your child being unable to wear shoes or play with others due to disability. She needs education, empowerment and to socialize,” she said.

Njeri says seeing her lineage become disabled is painful. More painful are especially the abuses they get from neighbors and relatives who term them outcasts and cursed.

Since she can walk though painfully, she has been forced to start selling fruits at the nearby Kamwangi market to fend for the family.

Other than providing basic needs, the family also needs supplements for the child and drugs prescribed by the doctor, all which sometimes are hard to come by.

Their search for answers on why the bad omen knocked at their door, have not been forthcoming as surprisingly, none of Njeri’s parents or four siblings and their lineage suffer from any disability.

“We have searched for answers but none is forthcoming. Out of fear that the disability might be in us, we cannot get more children. We have suffered mentally, emotionally and otherwise. We have knocked doors, but are financially starved,” she said.

By Muoki Charles


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