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Farmer doubles income from soybeans value addition

The Anglican Development Services(ADS), a development arm of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Western Region is supporting 3000 farmers to improve their lives through soybean value addition.

Gaudencia Ong’wen is among the beneficiary farmers from Koyonzo in Kakamega, who in the last season harvested 7, 90 Kilogram bags of soybeans from her two acres of land.

She says she sells soybean at Sh 150 per Kilo.

She also uses a soykit supplied by ADS to produce other by-products like soybean crunches, soya nuts, soya milk, yogurt, soya beverage, Mandazi’s and soya cake.

“I am able to produce 7liters of milk from one Kilogram of Soybean. The Seven liters of milk fetches Sh 500,” she noted.

ADS field officer John Ashitiva says the organization partners with farmers from Kakamega, Bungoma, Busia and Vihiga to assist them in increasing their incomes through value addition.

“We have four thematic areas for ADS, that is climate change and adaptation, food and nutrition security, health and social protection, advocacy and governance,” he noted.

He says they also link beneficiary farmers to the market to sell their products.

By Moses Wekesa

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