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Farmers Advised to Adopt Modern Bee Hives

Apiculture Farmers in Igembe South, Meru County have been advised to embrace modern beehives for increased honey yields.

Speaking to KNA, Livestock officer in charge of Igembe South John Ireri said that apiculture sector has great potential to earn an income if appropriately managed.

Ireri observed that venturing into apiculture farming is not expensive or large parcels of land adding that it also needs minimal input and maintenance.

“In apiculture farming you just need a small piece of land, some little capital to buy beehives,’’ he said.

The officer further said it is more economical to use modern beehives because they are more efficient in honey harvesting than the traditional ones. The modern ones include Langstroth, Warre and Top bar.

Ireri observed that the majority of bee farmers in the area are still using traditional bee hives made from logs and baskets which makes honey harvesting difficult, compromising the quality and quantity of honey harvested.

He explained that using the langstrong, the honey is extracted by returning the combs relatively intact to the bees to shorten harvesting intervals and potentially increase yield.

He however said that apart from generating income the honey is also considered as one of the best natural medicines for many ailments and also used in preserving foods like meat among other uses.

By Kamanja Maeria

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