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Farmers advised to plant fast maturing crops

The meteorological department in Narok County has advised farmers to prepare their farms to plant fast maturing crops as they predict suppressed rainfall in the months of November and December.

Narok County Meteorological Director Peter Lunanu said there will be light showers in the first week of November which is predicted to subside in the second week before re-emerging in the last week of November.

Lunanu said the rains will be poorly distributed this season advising farmers to plant fast maturing crops like beans, cabbage, potatoes and carrots that take only three months to mature.

“The rains will be on and off and could be poorly distributed in the whole county. Farmers should prepare their land early enough to plant fast maturing crops,” he said.

The director spoke during a media briefing at the agriculture offices in the presence of County Executive Member in Charge of Agriculture Joyce Keshe.

He noted that the southern part of Narok, which include Mara, Siana, Maji Moto and Narosura regions as well as Trans Mara regions will continue experiencing rains in the month of January.

Hence, the director advised residents to prepare to harvest water that they will use for farming and domestic use during the dry spell.

“Though we do not expect much rains like in other seasons, we ask the residents to harvest the rains that will fall as in most parts the rains will not continue in the month of January,” he said.

The government has distributed 400 bags of rice and 160 bags of beans to each of the eight sub counties in the county in a bid to mitigate effects of drought that is being felt in some parts.

Narok County Commissioner Isaac Masinde confirmed that about 115, 000 families and about 300, 000 school going children were in dire need of food in the county.

By Ann Salaton

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