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Farmers asked to adopt early maturing crops

Farmers have been asked to embrace early maturing and drought resistant crops in a bid to step up food security in the country.
Agriculture Administrative secretary Kello Harsama said that erratic climatic conditions is dictating the way to farm and asked extension officers to ask farmers to change from the traditional way of farming.
He was speaking Wednesday during Kenya Seed’s research annual field day at Elgon Downs in Endebbes , Kello said that the government was committed to motivating farmers produce more for the country and export.
2019’s theme is “showcasing top quality resilient variety and innovation to enhance food security.”
He said that agriculture played a very big role in gross domestic product of this country and offered opportunities in job market.
He asked farmers to take up modern ways of farming that included irrigation and use of certified quality seeds to boost production.
According to the administrative secretary, the government has a keen interest in mitigating on challenges facing farmers which include financial, Pests control and diseases control among others.
Kenya Seed Managing Director Azariah Soi said that his team faced diminishing acreage for seed production and asked the government to formulate a policy that will put to an end sub division of land.
“This year we had a shortage of almost six thousand acres of land and if this continues it will negatively affect us,” he said.
He disclosed that despite the erratic weather conditions at the beginning of planting season in 2019, the company is expecting 28million kilos of seed which will be enough for the country and export.
He said that his research team is working around the clock to have more seed varieties for different regions that will be resistant to drought.
“We have three varieties that are at trials stages and once we are through, we will release them to the market,” he said.
He said better quality seed will greatly contribute to food security.
Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor Stanley Tarus asked the National government to offer better prices for both milk and maize farmers as a motivation to more production.
By Pauline Ikanda

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