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Farmers asked to go for new beans’ varieties

Research institutions have partnered to disseminate information on new beans technologies to the farmer.

The  Green without Borders (GwB), a Non-Governmental Organisation, is working with the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) to create awareness about the latest beans varieties.

The  GwB’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Andrew  Egala says the varieties include Nyota, Angaza, Metameta and Faida.

Egala  stated  that  Nyota matures in 70 days and yields 6-10 bags per acre while Angaza takes 80 days and can produce 7-13 bags per acre.

He  added that the other varieties take a little longer period of slightly more than three months.

The CEO pointed out that these beans have high Iron and Zinc nutrients content which prevents stunted growth in children  and boosts body immune system.

“The beans are a rich source of essential proteins which would lead to the realisation of a healthy populace,” he

He  said the early-maturing Nyota and Angaza are ideal for the western region which experiences adequate annual rainfall as the farmers would be able to plant thrice per season.

The  farmers can get the seeds from the East  Africa Seed Company outlets across the country and at KALRO centre in Kitale where one Kilogramme packet sells at between Sh.500 to Sh.600.

He discouraged the farmers from using the uncertified seeds since they have a low germination rate and yields.

By  Sammy  Mwibanda

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