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Farmers asked to turn to beef farming

The  Dorper  Sheep grazing  at Nai Farm  field  in  Molem, Endebess Sub County in Trans Nzoia  County on  Wednesday February 5, 2020. Photo  by  Ngeywa  Mosobin/KNA.

Farmers  in Trans Nzoia have been asked to turn to beef farming as a way  of diversifying their agriculture.

Speaking  to KNA  at  the  Nai ADC Farm in Endebbes Sub County on Wednesday, the Nai Farm ADC Sub Branch Manager, Dominic Maingi told KNA that beef farming could be an alternative to agriculture activities that has been experiencing fluctuating prices.

According to Maingi, Boran types of animals are good for beef farming and are resistance to diseases.

“There are two main types of beef production enterprises to engage in. First is the production of weaner calves for sale and second, fattening young stock for slaughter and farmers can choose their preference,” he said.

He  said the choice basically depends on the resources a farmer has which will include land size and amount of financial capability and the available market of the products.

The  ADC Nai  keeps  Borana cattle and sheep. Maingi said that many farmers mostly from outside Trans Nzoia have  been purchasing the animals to keep as alternative to dairy farming.

He  said farmers can buy bulls at the farm to breed with their traditional animals for better quality meat or they can get  heifers  from the farm to get pure breeds which grows faster and earns farmers better yields. “A beef farmer can choose  to keep either improved local cattle breed or purebred beef cattle of exotic lineage,” he said.

Maingi  advised farmers to form groups and invest in capacity building to learn better management practices.

He  however, advised farmers to start with local beef animals which he said take less capital, are readily available and farmers can learn to improve in the farming as they go along.

“As you breed upwards, you gain knowledge and experience on beef farming that will help you to handle your higher potential stock at a time when they require intense management skills,” he advised.

By  Pauline Ikanda

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