Farmers in Bungoma advised to plant weather resistant crops

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Farmers in Bungoma have been challenged to take advantage of the current ongoing long rains pounding most parts of the country to plant weather resistant crops for better yields.

Speaking to KNA, Bungoma County Chief Officer in charge of Agriculture John Wasike asked farmers to use hybrid seeds that easily adapt to climate changes to realise bumper harvest.
He also advised them on the need to plant fast maturing crops and various varieties of seeds to avoid losses due to the erratic and unpredictable climatic conditions in the country.
“I want to encourage our farmers to plant more drought resistant traditional crops like sorghum, peas, millet, and chickpeas, as well as pigeon peas and groundnuts to cushion them against any future adversities.
The chief officer urged farmers in the county to start practicing crop diversification as over-reliance on maize has over the years eroded the country’s food security.
He revealed that crop diversification will help farmers increase their income base and ensure their families produce enough food not just for household consumption but surplus for sale.
The CO said that farmers should adopt zero tillage, mulching and other moisture conservation techniques.
By Roseland Lumwamu

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