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Farmers In Murang’a Set to Benefit from A Subsidy Kitty

The County Assembly of Murang’a has passed regulations, which will see the establishment of a County Farm inputs and Incentives Fund.

Once established, the kitty will enable mango and dairy farmers to access subsidies and incentives to boost production and value chains and therefore increase earnings.

After the Assembly resumed from recess last week, MCAs unanimously passed the County Agricultural Farm Inputs Subsidy and Incentive Fund Regulations, 2022.

A report on the regulations was tabled before the floor of the house by chairperson of the Assembly’s select Committee on Delegated County Legislation, Mr. Moses Muchiri Maina.

Governor Irungu Kang’ata when he took over leadership of the county promised to establish a kitty to support mango and dairy farmers through provision of subsidy and incentives.

Maina said the fund will ensure local farmers get farm input subsidies to increase production and support the value chain of their produce. Currently, farmers are forced to get farm inputs at market prices thus limiting their earnings from farm produce.

With the passing of the regulations, the county executive member for finance is expected to publish the guidelines before establishment of the kitty.

Maina who is also the MCA for Muguru ward, observed that, the guidelines required CEC for Finance to set the criteria of evaluating those who will be eligible to benefit from the subsidy and incentives fund saying vulnerable people will be given priority.

“With the guidelines, the CEC for Finance is expected to establish the criteria for determining minimum and maximum payment that will be issued to individual farmers,” he added.

The chairperson further noted there will be an application form to be used by the beneficiaries for application of the funds. The incentive fund is aimed at ensuring dairy farmers get more earnings considering the current high cost of production.

Once put in place, local dairy farmers and those registered with cooperatives are expected to get a minimum of Sh5 per litre, which will cater for cost of production.

Maina noted that after providing subsidies for mangoes and dairy sectors, the county government will in future amend the regulations to include more crops in the programme.

Some of the MCAs, who stood to support the motion, said all farmers should benefit from the kitty.

Murang’a County is among high producers of coffee, tea, bananas and avocados with MCAs saying all should be included in the programme.

By Anita Omwenga

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