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Farmers participate in Expo

Farmers in Loitoktok Sub County have been sensitised on how to shift from traditional to modern ways of farming so as to boost their production and income.

During  Kajiado South Farmers Expo held at Oloitiptip Stadium in Loitoktok on Thursday, Paul Juma, officer working with Kenya Animal Genetic Resource Centre, advised the farmers in Loitoktok Sub County to embrace new technologies in food and livestock production.

Juma particularly sensitised the farmers on the importance of using artificial insemination as an alternative method of serving livestock instead of the natural method of using bulls to serve their cows.

He pointed out that use of artificial insemination helps in avoiding transmission of poor genetic traits from bulls when used to serve their animals for long, adding that through A.I. services, farmers can improve their breeds, boosting production, which then translates to more income from their venture.

Juma expressed appreciation to Remington Africa for the Expo, which has enlightened the farmers on new technologies in farming. He said that the Expo is an eye-opener for many farmers in the sub-county on new technologies and modern ways of farming.

On poultry farming, Caroline Njoki, a staff member working with Cosmos Company Limited, said that diseases and pests are major challenges to livestock farmers and hence the Expo is crucial to the farmers.

Njoki particularly noted that poultry farmers are facing challenge of New Castle disease.

However, she advised farmers to contact Cosmos Company Limited, for it has a preventive chemical for New Castle disease.

Participants in the Expo hailed the event, citing that it has opened their eyes to easy and new technologies in farming as well as the opportunity to showcase their products.

Notably, Elizabeth Kamwanga and James Mbuthia, who sell jiko and solar water pumps, respectfully said that through the Expo they were able to showcase their products to farmers.

Francis Sing’ilu, a French bean farmer appreciated the organisers of the Expo, for he gained a wealth of knowledge in French bean farming that he is eager to apply.

The Expo was organised by Remington Africa and brought together various stakeholders in agriculture dealing with agricultural equipment, affordable jikos, and chemicals, among others.

By Stephen Lemein and Kimani Tirus

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