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Farmers Rejoice Over Government Subsidized Fertilizer Distribution

Farmers in Gucha, Kisii County, are rejoicing after receiving government-subsidized fertilizer, a move aimed at boosting agricultural productivity in the region. The distribution, facilitated at the Tendere Constituency Development Fund (CDF) offices in Gucha, has been met with enthusiasm and gratitude from local farmers.

Benson Okango, a Senior Clerk at the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCBP) in Kisii, commended the farmers for their patience and advised them to utilize the fertilizer judiciously to enhance their yields. He emphasized that increased agricultural productivity is pivotal for achieving food surplus in the region.

Addressing concerns about the quality of the subsidized fertilizer, Okango dismissed any doubts, stating that rigorous laboratory tests and analyses are conducted by the government before distribution. He urged farmers to disregard any misinformation and take advantage of the reduced prices to acquire the fertilizer.

“The government ensures that all distributed inputs meet the required standards for optimal agricultural performance,” Okango asserted.

Farmers were encouraged to register with the government’s Agricultural Ministry to benefit from the subsidized fertilizer scheme. Okango assured them of the availability of adequate fertilizer stocks in government stores and emphasized the importance of registration for effective planning and distribution.

Richard Ogendo, the Agricultural Officer for Gucha Sub-County, confirmed the receipt of 640 bags of fertilizer, an increase from the previous dispatch of 590 bags. He expressed confidence that this quantity would sufficiently cater for the needs of registered farmers in the Sub-County.

“The growing number of registered farmers for the subsidized fertilizer reflects the positive impact and affordability of the program,” Ogendo remarked.

The subsidized fertilizer, priced at Kenyan Shillings 2500 per bag, offers a significant cost reduction for farmers. Payment transactions are facilitated through mobile phones, ensuring convenience and efficiency in the procurement process.

Ogendo urged farmers who have not yet registered for the subsidy program to do so promptly to capitalize on the benefits it offers. He emphasized the pivotal role of agricultural inputs in enhancing productivity and livelihoods in the region.

The distribution of subsidized fertilizer underscores the government’s commitment to supporting small-scale farmers and promoting food security initiatives in the Country.

By Misheba Alfred and Charles Onkui

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