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Farmers to get subsidized artificial insemination services

In a move to improve milk production in Kirinyaga, the county government has embarked on plans to reintroduce subsidized artificial insemination services in the county.

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri said the government has set aside money to initiate the insemination services aimed at improving the animal breed in the entire county.

He said the project has an immediate target of improving milk production and improving the cows to pure Friesians, which is good in milk production.

Kirinyaga County has more than 5000 registered dairy farmers who will directly benefit from the artificial insemination programme.

The programme when fully implemented is expected to boost milk production from the current 8,000 liters to over 12,000 liters daily.

The sector also targets to provide job opportunities for many of the unemployed youths in the county.

Under the programme, Ndambiri said youths with interest in the dairy farming would also be assisted in getting started.

“The programme aims at increasing agricultural production and profitability of targeted rural communities for increased incomes to the households and the county at large,” he said.

He said plans are at an advanced stage to open up a milk factory, which will take care of the milk produced by farmers in the county.

Ndambiri said Kirinyaga Investment Development Authority (KIDA) has guaranteed income for the farmer, as they would coordinate the collection and processing of the milk.

“Apart from being a guaranteed source of income to group members, Ndambiri said the dairy project will create employment to the youth who will be engaged in the milk collection and transportation from the villages to the collection center and to the markets.

He said the county has managed to reduce the cost of production by manufacturing quality and affordable animal feeds at the County’s Kiaga Animal Feeds Factory.

Ndambiri made the remarks at his rural home in a meeting with the elders of Kiama kiama who had paid him a visit.

By Irungu Mwangi

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