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Farmers urged not to subject their children to child labor

Muguka farmers in Embu have been subjecting their children to child labor by letting them work in muguka fields.

A seasoned politician in Embu, Gitonga Mukunji said that many muguka farmers are located along rivers hence parents ask their children to water the herbs, especially during dry spells adding that this equals to child labor.

“Children working on Muguka fields tend to drop out of school and engage in substance abuse,” Mukunji noted.

While speaking to the press, Mukunji said that children subjected to such labor end up performing poorly in school for lack of time to revise and do work.

“Parents instruct their children to go and water Muguka immediately after school and very early in the morning before they go to school, how do you expect a child being subjected to such torture to excel in education,” wondered Mukunji.

The politician said that due to poor performance and the money from muguka, the children see no value in education hence drop out of school.

He urged the government and other relevant authorities to sensitize the farmers on dangers of child labor and need for education.

Mukunji also asked security personnel to be on the lookout for parents who engage their children in this vice.

“It is not wrong to engage your children in light duties to make them responsible adults, but subjecting them to work meant for grownups is wrong and there is a law that prohibits child labor,” observed Mukunji.

Besides loosing value of education, Mukunji said the children are also in danger of drowning as they fetch water for watering the herbs.

By Kimani Tirus



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