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Farmers urged to take advantage of short rains

Farmers in Kirinyaga County have been urged to plant immediately the short rains start in October-December.

Peter Wambugu, Kirinyaga County Director of Metrological Services, said there will be little short rains in the period and that farmers to be very cautious.

Speaking at Kerugoya Catholic Hall, where he gave seasonal weather forecast for October to December, the Director said the County will receive shorts rains in the period.

“I am here today to give the seasonal weather forecast covering October, November, and December and we will receive shorts rains, starting from the second week of October,” he said.

The meeting brought together stakeholders from different sectors, to discuss the impacts of the weather on their daily activities. The effects will be mainly felt in the agriculture sector.

He added that the impact of climate change, has in the past put the farmers at risk in agriculture activities and it is important to guide them based on expected changes.

“We have invited people who participate in crop production, livestock, public works and those who will be affected by the expected change in climate conditions,” he added.

“In the past the farmers have been facing challenges over the unexpected changes in weather and we are here today to inform them,” he said.

“This is a participatory meeting and we will advise farmers on best seeds they can plant this season,” he noted.

Wambugu noted that depressed rains are due to cooling over the western part of the Indian Ocean

The Director challenged the farmers to ensure no water is wasted and they should plant at the right time.

“Let no drop of water go to waste, plant immediately the rains start to maximize it,” he added.

By Mutai Kipngetich


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