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Farmers urged to vaccinate animals to prevent diseases

Marakwet East Sub County Veterinary Officer Susan Kurui has called on livestock farmers in the area to follow correct animal husbandry methods and avail their animals for vaccination when called upon to do so.

Kirui was responding to reports from the media about outbreak of cattle diarrhea and tick borne diseases in some areas of Kerio Valley. She confirmed that the tick borne diseases and worms were prevalent during the rainy seasons.

She said diseases such as Contagious Caprine Pleuro Pneumononia (CCPP) which is endemic in the area and mainly affects goats could be contained if farmers availed their animals for vaccination.

Kirui urged farmers to be vigilant in ensuring that their livestock are regularly sprayed or taken for dipping as well as deworming as lush green grass and wet conditions are catalyst for the spread of numerous sucking and biting worms.

“If routine vaccinations are made every six months for three consecutive years, then the problem of CCPP will be successfully eradicated,” she said.

She reiterated that most farmers fail to present their animals for vaccination making them be vulnerable to diseases which in turn becomes a huge problem.

Kirui said officers dispatched from her office to attend to the animals that had been reported to have diarrhea found out that they had worm infestation, adding that they have so far recovered after dewormers were administered to them.

The livestock officer also assured farmers that samples taken from the affected animals will be taken for further laboratory analysis and appropriate action taken.

By Rennish Okong’o


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