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Farming is a Rewarding Career, 4K club patron says

The patron of the 4K Club Paul Sumani today urged education stakeholders to motivate students to become future farmers by highlighting the potential opportunities in the sector, through fostering a positive perception as a viable and rewarding career choice.

While speaking today at the Nakuru Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) Showground, he said the aim of the 4K club which was founded in 1962, is to encourage young people to change their mindset and join agribusiness as a worthwhile career.

He regretted that the negative perception of farming has persisted for far too long, and yet there’s no doubt that the future milliners of the world will be those willing to join agribusiness.

Sumani said the 4k-Club is equipped to teach students about sustainable and modern farming techniques adding agriculture was currently more profitable than the elusive white-collar jobs.

He commended Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, who candidly informed the granduads of Jomo Kenyatta University that the government has no jobs for them, and encouraged them to choose farming as a full-time career.

The patron said the optimum and most favorable inspiration that primary and secondary schools ought to be organizing for their learners is connecting them to successful farmers or agricultural entrepreneurs who can serve as mentors.

He emphasized the importance of promoting the concept of agribusiness in schools in order to encourage young minds to think creatively and develop innovative farming solutions that address local challenges.

Also, he said the current food shortage in the country was an opportune moment for county governments and companies to provide resources and support for students interested in starting their own agricultural ventures so as to showcase the potential in the sector.

Additionally, he said the introduction of scholarships for students pursuing agricultural studies or careers can assist alleviate the financial burden and make farming a more attractive option.

Sumani observed that engaging students in community service projects related to agriculture, such as setting up community gardens, promoting ecological farming practices, and volunteering at cooperative societies, was doable and would actively encourage learners to participate in agricultural activities.

The quarter plot allocated to the 4k club at the ongoing preparation of the Nakuru ASK showground has incorporated a wide variety of vegetables and herbs that have made local farmers financially stable.

By Veronica Bosibori


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