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Fear as artificial lake overflow across Narok – Mai Mahiu highway

Residents of Nairegie Enkare in Narok East Sub-county have expressed fear over the formation of an artificial lake in the area that is overflowing across the Narok – Maai Mahiu highway.
Kekonyokie Member of the County Assembly (MCA), Amos Maloi, explained that the lake was formed with the increasing rainfall in the area and now overflowing past the road interfering with the traffic flow.

Kekonyokie Member of County Assembly (MCA), Amos Maloi, speak to media Friday at Nairegie-Enkare Junction along the Narok-Maai Mahiu Highway

He said the area has been experiencing abnormal occurrences like light earth tremors and formation of deep cracks since the heavy rains began.
“Since the heavy rains began a month ago, this area has been experiencing abnormal occurrences making the residents to live in fear,” said the MCA.
He said the rains have created a fault line from Kikuyan towards Entashata downwards to Mosiro that has led to the formation of a deep crack now filled with water.
The MCA has, therefore, called on geological experts from the National Government to assist in finding out the seismic activities in the area to ascertain what is happening.
Peter Ole Ledarpo ,a resident of Kikuyan, said the source of water is not within the area and suspect that the water is oozing from underground as it has superseded that of rainfall.
“We have never experienced such a thing in the history of this place. We are pleading to the experts to help us find solution or advise as this place is now dangerous to live,” said Ole Ledarpo.
Shanana Ndaoni, also a resident of the area, echoed his sentiments, saying they are living in fear as they do not know what will occur next.
“The overflow of the water towards the highway is more scaring as it would lead to a major crack along the highway. We call for immediate intervention,” said Ndaoni.
This comes only few days after the same road was cut-off at Eor-Ekule, about 20 kilometers from Nairegie-Enkare Junction two weeks ago before the Kenya National Highway Authority intervened and restored it.
By Ann Salaton

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