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Fear of stray dog bites

Residents of Makutano town in West Pokot have urged the government to take action over stray dogs roaming freely in the streets.

While addressing the press on Tuesday at Makutano town, the residents said they are worried of possible attack by stray dogs. They said the free roaming dogs in the community should be controlled to avoid possible attacks to human beings.

Boaz Krop a resident of Makutano town said the rabies can fatal if the person is not taken for treatment on time, urging the government to take adequate measure before they become victims to stray dogs attacks. 

Leah Onyango a resident of Makutano noted she was scared of stray dog bites and feels insecure walking the streets in the evening, at night and in wee hours of the morning from where she lives to town for work. 

West Pokot Director of Veterinary Services Dr Samwel Chelimo cautioned residents who keep dogs to vaccinate their pet dogs. 

He warned that if a dog bites a person, the owner will be held liable. He explained that dog owners have a responsibility to ensure their dog or dogs are vaccinated against rabies. 

Dr Chelimo reiterated dog owners should not a leave them to stray in the neighborhood. He stated that last year during the mass vaccination against rabies they managed to vaccinate 244 dogs and cats at Murkwijit village in West Pokot Sub County. 

The veterinary director said the vaccination against rabies was coordinated by the West Pokot Agriculture team in partnership with the Kenya Red Cross Society, Action Against Hunger, USAID, Ministry of health and Agency for Technical, Cooperation and development (ACTED). 

He said mass vaccination against rabies was aimed at eliminating the zoonotic disease which transmits through saliva from a rabid animal. 

The Director said the vaccination was conducted free of charge benefiting many residents who were unable to vaccinate their dogs and cats against the deadly rabies.

By Anthony Melly

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