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FGM perpetrators in Nyamira put on notice

Gender and Public Service Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Rachael Shebesh has warned female genital mutilation (FGM) perpetrators in Nyamira that they risk being arrested and prosecuted in a court of law.


Speaking on Thursday during an Anti-GFM awareness campaign for government administrators, the CAS was concerned that despite County‘s people being intellectually endowed, developed and exposed, they were still practicing the archaic cultural practice.


“It is worrying that Nyamira County residents are still practicing FGM with all the knowledge they are exposed to concerning the negative effects of this practice to our innocent girls, but this time round we are going to implement the law as directed by the president to ensure that we end this practice by 2022,” she stated.


“The government will now have to create synergies with all relevant stakeholders so that together we can fight this vice which unlike other areas, in Nyamira and Gusii region at large is practiced secretly that one needs support from leaders right in the village to know who is still perpetuating this  vice to shatter the future career dreams of girls from this region,” Shebesh emphasised.


Ms Shabesh asked chiefs and their assistants to report cases of FGM in their areas of jurisdiction so that perpetrators can be dealt with in accordance to prohibition of FGM Act 2011 as they will be held personally accountable for not reporting the vice


The chairperson of the anti FGM board in Kenya Agnes Pareiyo who was also present revealed that FGM in  Nyanira County stands at 93%, which is very alarming and  a great concern


Pareiyo appealed to all the legislatures and administrators in the area to work as a team in ending the vice in the community.


“It is ironical that a religious County like Nyamira still practices FGM on their girls yet there is no place in the entire Bible which they read and follow religiously where they have been directed to mutilate girl’s genitals a scenario that has now compelled government to use administrators and other stakeholders to end FGM in Nyamira,” she said.


Nyamira County MP  Jerusha Momanyi who was also present  said it was a big shame that the county  is one out of the 22 Counties in the country practicing FGM at this time  unaware of the physical and psychological effects it  causes  the  young girls and urged  men to join the campaign against the practice


“Men Keep on complaining that women whose genital are mutilated do not fully meet their conjugal rights yet they remain at the back seat when it comes to fighting FGM, they must also support those campaigning against the practice and  talk to their family and community members on the importance of stopping the practice,” Jerusha appealed.


Others present in the forum were Nyamira County commissioner Amos Mariba, Nyamira Deputy Governor Amos Nyaribo, Nyamira CEC health Douglas Bosire, Nyamira County Assembly members, Sub County administrators of the national Government and medical practitioners.

By Deborah Bochere

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