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First Maasai cultural festival early preparation

Narok Peace Association partnering with the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage through the State department of Culture, National Youth Council and Narok County government has begun early preparation for the first ever Maasai Cultural festival, to be held in Sekenani Gate, Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

The organizers, Narok County Peace Association ambassador Joshua Kaputa who spoke in Sekenani during early preparation of the event said this is the first ever Maasai cultural festival since independence that is set to happen from  June 9-10.

“The Maasai culture is one of the most unique cultures in Kenya, which serves our nation both locally and internationally, and plays a huge role in our tourism sector,” Kaputa said.

Kaputa noted that Maasai cultural activities such as jumping, singing, modeling and fashion spectacles will be showcased during the event sponsors getting opportunities to display their services and products.

Kaputa said culture is one of the greatest tools that unites people and it is through culture that people create meaningful life’s experiences and are able to walk together.

Further, Kaputa praised the Maa Community living in Narok and said they are the most accommodative people, and therefore that is why all communities reside in Narok County.

Kaputa thanked the local leaders for showing interest and embracing the first Maasai culture festival, thus it’s good for the Maa community to realise the importance of their culture.

Kaputa called upon the locals to conserve the environment and know the importance of wildlife and to protect them.

According to the organizers, over 30,000 people, are expected to grace the cultural fiesta with the chairman of Senkanani Youth Association Steve Simpai thanking the government for allowing the event to take place in Sekenani Maasai Mara Game reserve.

“It is a great honor to host the event. We welcome both locals and international visitors to come and witness the Big Five in the game park and witness the Maasai Culture.” added Simpai.

Simpai calls upon the state department of culture to empower the youth in Maasai Mara on matters concerning culture and to recognize some of the sporting activities and cultural practices.

Maasai Cultural Festival Celebration aims at boosting Kenya’s economy through celebrating culture and tourism.

By John Kaleke

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