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First movie in Bungoma ‘Samantha’ launched

The first movie shot at the Kings Mollywood Talent Center (KMTC) in Kamukuywa, Bungoma County has been launched.

The movie entitled SAMANTHA is out and was launched Saturday at Charstine Ecotourist Resort located in Kamukuywa. It is scripted by Ibrahim Kobo, directed by Kinuthia Mbathia and the cast are members of KMTC Kamukuywa, and youths from within Kimilili-Bungoma. ‘Samantha’ is a touching story of a young university girl called Samantha.

She is a first year student at the university who comes from a poor background and has a girlfriend called Anastancia. In the same institution are two brothers, Derrick and Djibril.  Derrick, a celebrity and great poet is bold, muscular and two years older than his brother Djibril who is wise and courageous.

Samantha is Djibrils girlfriend and he loves her madly. She reveals this to his best friend Happy Day. Unfortunately in search of fame, Samantha cheats on Djibril with his own brother Derrick.

On the other hand, rich inspector Moto, the father to Djibril and Derrick dares to seduce his sons’ girlfriend Samantha and because Samantha wanted a luxurious life she as well falls in love with Moto.

Inspector Moto ends up impregnating her and on realizing this; Djibril kills his father, his brother and commits suicide leaving behind Samantha.

Towards the end of the story, Samantha is seen narrating her story to her adolescent daughter.

Speaking during the launch, Antony Njagi of NTV expressed his joy for the good work done and encouraged the crew to produce more movies especially in vernacular so as to widen their market.

Njagi also used the opportunity to teach the KMTC team basics of film production to enable them create more marketable content and promised to support them to achieve their dreams.

The KMTC is a faith-based institution under King Jesus Faith Ministry Kenya based in Kamukuywa ward Bungoma county.

The founders Bishop Charles Mwanda and Martin Mwambu have a vision of unlocking different talents among the youths in Kimilili to empower them financially.

by Enoch Sitati / Roseland Lumwamu

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