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First tarmac sparks excitement, to open town to other markets

Residents of Makutano market, one of the oldest in Thika East, Kiambu County have a reason to celebrate after it was tarmacked, ending years of frustrations caused by dusty and worn-out roads.

            The Sh80 million project is among several road tarmacking projects funded by the World Bank through the Kenya Urban Support Programme, being implemented by the county government.

            The tarmac runs through the town roads, easing mobility, access and trade. Street lights have also been erected, making it easy for 24-hours trade as well as enhancing security.

            Just adjacent to the market is the Makutano-Donyo Sabuk-Tala road, which is being tarmacked by the national government.

            The road will open up trade between Mt Kenya and Upper Eastern to Machakos and Nairobi markets, accelerating development in those areas. The Makutano market will act as the link between those markets.

            Kiambu Governor James Nyoro who visited the market to monitor the project’s progress on Monday said giving the town a facelift will accelerate its growth, leading to increased trade through the upcoming busy Makutano-Tala road.

            “Traders would now tap the new Makutano-Tala road and open up business, as the market will be a stop-point for most traders, as they head to towns in Machakos and Nairobi Counties.  We have put security lights to make it operational even during the night. It is the perfect investment point,” said Nyoro.

            Residents welcomed the first tarmac, saying it would accelerate development in the area. They had been accusing the county government of neglecting the area, and concentrating on the upper parts of the county.

            “Having tarmac in this small market seems like a dream. The roads have been dilapidated and so we are so happy that we have witnessed this progress,” Wilson Maina, a resident, said.

            The infrastructure will help spearhead the development in this town and we are happy that we will experience the growth,” said Francis Ngaruiya.

            Other towns that have undergone a major infrastructural upgrade in Kiambu County include Thika, Limuru, Juja among others.

            In Thika town through the programme, major CBD roads that have been dilapidated for long have been recarpeted, easing traffic, accessibility and comfort.

by Muoki Charles

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