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Fish Cage farmers rescued after mass fish deaths

Kisumu Governor  Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o has assured fishermen engaged in cage fish farming who suffered massive losses following deaths of fish in their cages that they will be assisted to restock.

Prof Nyong’o said the fish farmers incurred heavy losses and must be assisted to enable them regain their footing.

The governor disclosed that the fish deaths has cost the farmers dearly and crippled their enterprise hence the need for a rescue plan to ensure they are back on their feet again.

He said the county government will set aside Sh3 million to provide the fish farmers with capital to reboot their ventures.

“We will first ensure that the farmers that have been plagued by this fish deaths disaster get fish fingerlings to assuage their losses and enable them restart their ventures,” assured the Governor

The governor regretted that the losses that have been facing the cage fish farmers has mostly been attributed to climate change.

He further pledged to ensure that the fish farmers get fish feed to enable them tend to their fingerlings to a tune of Sh1million so that they can recover from the disaster that has plagued them.

Addressing the press in his office, the Governor said following the transient climate conditions, fish farmers in Kisumu have lost over Sh40 million and added that the situation now demands concrete steps to be taken to deter dumping of waste into the lake especially by wayward companies.

By Milton Onyango

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