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Fish farmers receive 60,000 fingerlings

Residents of Lugari Sub-County have been urged to embrace fish farming for its high returns.

The Sub-County Fisheries Officer Caleb Sifuna while addressing sixty fish farmers in Lumakanda on Saturday insisted that income from fish farming is never disappointing compared to other farming activities.

Sifuna said fish farming has received needed attention from the Kakamega County government and various National Government support projects including Aquaculture Business Project Programme that is currently upscaling fish farming through provision of fishpond liners.

He revealed that the Aquaculture Business Project Programme has made fish farming possible for small-scale farmers without a stable source of water as rain harvested or piped water can be used to produce fish on a small manageable scale.

The fisheries officer said the Aquaculture Business Development Programme is promoting a dietary diversification project that encourages fish farmers to have kitchen gardens for healthy feeding.

“We started with a few farmers who, when they have fish ponds, should also have kitchen gardens to promote healthy feeding among the fish farmers which has been launched in a number of schools and a section of farmers,” Sifuna said.

The Sub-County Fish Farming Officer was speaking during distribution of 60,000 fingerlings to 60 fish farmers spread from six Wards in the Sub County.

The fingerlings project is funded by the County Government of Kakamega through the Department of Fisheries as an effort to promote fish farming in the Sub-County.

Sifuna said that the County Government bought fingerlings to stock newly constructed fishponds and renovated ponds constructed during the Economic Stimulus Programme at the cost of Sh2.1 million in the Sub-County.

He revealed that the department of fisheries had carried out sufficient fish farmers training to enable them take care of the fish through daily maintenance.

“We have trained them how to feed fish and also have planned regular visits to ensure farmers are sticking to the right standards of maintaining fish in ponds,” Sifuna revealed, adding that well maintained fishponds can produce over 250 kg of fish during harvesting time.

He urged fish farmers to sell harvested fish locally.

Sifuna said the Fish Feeds Substitute Programme in the county gives fish farmers’ feeds at affordable prices.

Nelson Majimbo, a fish farmer from Mautuma Ward Lugari, thanked the County Government for promoting fish farming in the Sub-County.

By Geoffrey Satia

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