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Fisheries sector donates motorbikes to farmers to ease access

Firstline extension staff in the fisheries sector in Busia have received motorbikes from the government through the Agriculture Business Development Program (ABDP) to enhance service delivery within the sector.

Speaking during the official presentation of the motorbikes at Bukani Aquaculture Park in Samia Sub County, the Fisheries, Aquaculture and Blue Economy PS Dr Francs Owino, said first line extension staff were prioritised to ease access to fish farmers.

“Along with the five motorbikes, we have also brought three laptops to ensure that all records are well kept at all levels,” Dr Owino said adding the initiative will help trace the progress of the project.

Owino added that Victory farms, an aquaculture business outfit that produces tilapia on Lake Victoria, has also donated 550,000 fingerlings to counties within the Lake region in an effort to reduce pressure on Lake Victoria. “Busia has received 100, 000 fingerlings,” he said, maintaining that the fisheries sector had been revived and there was no turning back.

He added, another 100,000 fingerlings went to Migori County, 150,000 to Homa Bay, 100,000 to Kisumu while another 100,000 fingelings were to be taken to Siaya County today.

The PS added that the government was looking forward to establishing cottage industries to support the implementing counties to meet their fish demand. “We have already started discussions with potential investors, including Victory fish farm, to provide quality feeds at affordable prices to farmers,” he said, urging entrepreneurs to invest in fish feeds to address the challenge of fish feeds.

The PS lauded Busia leadership for their efforts in aquaculture which he noted had created employment opportunities for area residents. “The number of livelihoods to be touched by this programme is enormous,” he said, adding the National Government was ready to support the implementing counties.

Busia Deputy Governor, Moses Mulomi, thanked the government for partnering with the County in improving the Blue Economy and likewise hailed the farmers for embracing fish farming. He assured the farmers that the County Government will grant them continuous support.

“Kenya has a big deficit of fish and it is our responsibility as local residents to grow the economy by bridging this huge gap,” he insisted.

Mulomi added that the County has also established 200 fish cages in Lake Victoria that were being manned by Beach Management Units.

The DG at the same time urged the National Government to support the farmers in terms of fish feeds to motivate them.


By Salome Alwanda



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