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Fisherman drowns in Lake Victoria

A man who was on a fishing expedition in Lake Victoria drowned early this morning. 

The deceased identified as James Tabu lost his life near Koginga beach in Arujo location, Homa Bay Sub-County.

Eye witnesses said Tabu accidentally fell into the lake as he was fishing using a fishing line. 

Residents who noticed him struggling in the lake rushed to the scene to rescue him but they were unsuccessful.

“We saw him fall into the water and raised an alarm so that people could save his life but he died before the rescuers reached him,” said a woman.

The rescuers managed to remove his body from the lake.

Arujo Location Senior Chief Bob Lang’o confirmed the incident saying he liaised with police who took the body to Homa Bay County Referral Hospital morgue for preservation.

Lang’o said the fisherman had a history of epilepsies, which is suspected to have contributed to his death.

“I urge residents to restrain their kin who are epileptic from activities in Lake Victoria. The condition makes a person more susceptible to risks of losing lives if they fall into the lake,” cautioned Lang’o.

He also warned parents against allowing school pupils to fish in the lake. “I have information that some pupils go to fish in the evening after school. What they are doing is wrong and legal action will be taken against them and their parents,” Lang’o said. 

By Davis Langat 

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