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FKF conduct referee trainings

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) in Tharaka Nithi County has commenced training football referees in the region ahead of Kenya Youth Intercountry Sports Association (KYSA) in April.

Speaking to the media during the training at Chuka Igamba Ng’ombe CDF offices, FKF chairman Mbogo wa Nthiga said that they were conducting a referee class 2 course to equip them with advanced skills.

The chairman revealed that it was mandatory for soccer referees to have class 2 course certificates in order to participate in the upcoming KYSA games in April.

“KYSA requires referees to have class 2 course certificate during the games so this training has come at a relevant time,” he said

He disclosed that last year they conducted class 3 course training and the successful football arbitrators were well prepared for the advanced class 2 course this year.

FKF aims to ensure that footballers in the county reach the national level, he noted, adding that the training will help the referees conduct better matches and produce good results in the intercountry games.

The chairman said that they are seeking more funding from the government and requested the team to remain motivated.

On her part, FIFA technical department instructor Damaris Kimani said that the organization aims to change the face of football in every county.

We are here to help our referees to come up with good ideas that will change football in Tharaka Nithi County through learning various football rules,” she said

Ms. Kimani expressed that it was necessary for the team to know what is expected in FIFA to advance to international levels.

‘We need more referees with international level skills, those who can participate in premier leagues and other big matches so our goal is to train them to the next level,” she said

During the training, the field judges will learn about the laws of the game, she said, adding that this will lead to promotions of the referees to coordinate bigger matches after successfully passing the courses.

“We are here to monitor them, their capability to control matches depending on number and give them current amendments of the game to fully equip them for the next levels,” she said.

By Sharon Gitau

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