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Floods displace families in Mandera

At least 2000 families in Mandera were forced out of their homes after heavy rains that pounded the area for more than 12 hours wreaked havoc.

The heavy torrents characterized by floods submerged their homes forcing the families to seek refuge on higher grounds as the storm left a trail of destruction uprooting trees and other structures on its path.

Preliminary reports indicated that an estimated 100,000 families were affected in parts of Mandera East, Mandera North and Mandera West constituencies where a heavy downpour was witnessed since the rainy season resumed.

Displaced residents are calling for urgent intervention for evacuation to higher grounds to save lives and property.

Mandera Governor Mohamed Adan Khalif while assessing the impact of floods urged residents to wary of risks of water borne diseases and told them to especially guard the children who were more vulnerable of contracting such infections.

He announced plans to roll out relief operations to affected families but appealed to all partners to stand with Mandera County during these difficult times.

“As of tomorrow (Monday) we will dispatch teams to all affected areas to help them with whatever they need so as to survive “said governor.

He added “the county is just emerging from an emergency caused by prolonged drought and was moving into another Emergency that caused by torrential rains.”

Mandera County Commissioner Amos Mariba told the residents to move to higher grounds so as not to be affected by the floods.

He also added the government will do all it can to help the residents affected by the rains which have come with floods.

Kenya Red Cross has also embarked on sensitization among the residents for them to move to safer areas.

Flash floods occur when heavy rainfall exceeds the ability of the ground to absorb it.

They also occur when water fills normally dry creeks or streams or enough water accumulates for streams to overtop their banks, causing rapid rises of water in a short amount of time.

By Adan Mohamed

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