Focus on equalisation funds, Woman Rep urges Senate

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Brainstorming on the purpose of equalisation funds could be a solution to end the controversy surrounding the revenue sharing formula in the Senate, Migori County Woman Representative Dr Pamela Odhiambo has proposed.

Dr Odhiambo wants senators to expand the existing equalisation kitty so that counties perceived to be losing in the revenue sharing formula are compensated satisfactorily to ensure equitable distribution of national resources.

The MP regretted that the debate on revenue formula is turning nasty as witnessed last Tuesday night where senate members spent time shouting down one another without reaching a consensus that works for Kenyans.

Dr Odhiambo revealed that equalisation funds do not end up in the places for which they were earmarked for saying developed regions at times benefit from these funds instead of underdeveloped areas.

She called for a better formula that will avail these funds to deserving places in the country.

Different formulae for revenue sharing have been fronted in the Senate, something Dr Odhiambo agrees with but called on Senators to have all the proposals tabled before a select committee, which will ensure no losers nor winners with equitable resources sharing factored in.

The Woman Rep was speaking after handing over sanitary towels to primary school heads at Mabera Deputy County Commissioner’s office ground on Thursday. Since Monday she has spent time mobilising teachers in every sub-county to ensure girls in classes six to eight rightfully get the towels.

She called on the head teachers to ensure pupils benefit from government sanitary pads donation while ensuring Covid-19 protocols are followed.

By Geoffrey Satia


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