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Follow up on trees planted by artists

Over  30 artists visited Ondiri swamp in Kikuyu sub-county on Saturday to check on the progress of the 150 trees they planted early this month.

While  addressing the artists, ‘Gugz Ngugi’, group leader of the Mbogi Konnection band called on the members not to relent in the protection of the environment as this was a collective responsibility that would save generations to come.

He said that the initiative, developed earlier in May in events to mark World Environment Day (WED), when they had visited the Ondiri Swamps, should be extended to all 13 sub-counties of Kiambu so as to help restore the forest cover of 30 per cent.

Ngugi  added that more volunteers have been supporting them in the planting trees project in Ondiri Swamp and Thogoto forest, adding that they have managed to plant over 2,000 trees at Ondiri swamp and over 1,000 trees at Thogoto forest from January 2019.

The project is being spearheaded by The Evolution Art Hub, Mbogi Konnection, Sanaa city, Kijani Kibichi and friends of Ondiri as a conservation measure of the swamp which feeds Nairobi River, Nyongara River and Athi River under the theme, ‘plant a tree to save a drum.’

Apart from the tree planting project, the collaboration by the artists is also set to help in the promotion of African culture, exposing African music and also developing the local art talents in Kiambu according to Ngugi.

This is done by hosting events in the streets where the public are not expected to cater for any entry charges and that becomes a good platform for the artists in the team to expose their talents. Most interesting they never close the doors to any artist willing to join them.

According to the art group’s social media sites, they decided to come up with the initiative because in African music that “we deal with, we use drums and guitars made of wood and therefore we feel that artists should be in the forefront of taking care of the environment.

The artists fall under categories of Masters of ceremonies, musicians, band artists, gravity artists, producers, DJs, dancers and others who are based on artwork from respective art groups.

The checkup of the trees was done in preparation of Unganisha drums cafe event which took place later in the day at 902 street offices’ quarters at Kikuyu town.

By  Robert  Muiruri

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