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Former Ethiopian Prime Minister new AGRA chair

Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) outgoing Chair Strive Masiyiwa has handed over the reins of the technology cooperate to a former Prime Minister of Ethiopia.
Speaking on Friday at a press briefing in Nairobi, the new chairman and former Ethiopian Prime Minister (PM) Haile Mariam Desalegn said that his key agenda as the new chair is to catalyse and sustain inclusive agriculture transformation in Africa by increasing incomes and improving food security for millions of households.
“I am thankful that I succeed Mr. Masiyiwa, a remarkable leader who leaves behind a solid organisation and an impressive track record. I remain certain of his support in the journey to achieving green revolution in the continent,” said Desalegn.
The former PM said that he is championing for Green Revolution in Africa and that it can happen with the current generation, through the youth while targeting a deadline of 2025.
“We need to engage our youth to drive this revolution, having 40 percent of our young people in agriculture is not enough, we need technologically smart agriculture,” added the former PM.
Desalegn added that AGRA as a self-driven institution and with the support of the governments will work hard to see Africa succeed in achieving green revolution since agriculture is the solution to poverty and many of the economic problems.
Mr Misiyiwa said that there can be more investment in agriculture by various governments and the private sector organisations and that these efforts are spearheaded by AGRA.
“I am delighted to welcome the new chair who is a true African visionary and by deed can properly manage to make the continent food secure,” said Misiyiwa who added that the former PM will officially start his reign as chairman in the month of September 2019.
Speaking during the brief for unveiling the new chairman, AGRA president Agnes Kalibata said that she was pleased to welcome the new chairman Desalegn and thanked the outgoing chair for his contribution to the cooperate’s success adding that under his leadership they reached critical milestones in the aim to transform Africa’s agriculture.
By Joy Nzula/Charles Kirundi

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