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Former KBC anchor praises Moi

Former Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) radio journalist, Jared  Murila has hailed the former President Daniel Toroitich Moi, saying his leadership was full of respect for leaders.

Murila  who now works with a local TV and radio station in Meru said those claiming President Moi was a dictator failed to understand his leadership style since he wanted his work for Kenyans to go the way it was scheduled.

He  said politicians of those days were focused and ensured respect for the head of state which he says is significant in any society.

Murila  who retired from the national broadcaster noted that unlike the present politicians, those during Moi’s days had respect for their leaders.

“Anyone elected or nominated deserves respect from those they represent. We should not lose the African tradition of respecting our leaders,” advised the journalist.

He called on the government to come up with stringent laws and monitoring to deal with those abusing others through social media.

Murila urged fellow journalists especially the young ones to ensure they uphold the code of ethics when discharging their duties.

By  Richard  Muhambe

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