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Former MP faults governors for failing devolution

Former Westland MP Fred Gumo has faulted poor leadership of governors as the main cause Kenyans are not fully enjoying the fruits of devolution.

            Gumo who was speaking Thursday during the launch of 7.5 kilometer Kitale road said that most governors are serving their personal interest at the expense of citizens.

            The 7.5 kilometer town road is part of the 45 kilometer Kitale-Suam road that will cost Sh 1billion.

            According to Gumo, the 15 per cent given to governors annually was good enough to realize development in devolved units.

            “You find a governor who came in power with nothing but boasts vast investments just after two years,” he said.

            He added, “in the BBI the county governments will get 35 percent let’s support it and also ask our leaders to stop serving their personal interest at the expense of the common mwananchi that we are supposed to serve.”

            He asked residents of Trans Nzoia to support the BBI report which he said had many benefits for Kenyans.

            Trans Nzoia deputy governor Dr. Stanley Kenei defended his government by outlining what they have achieved as a government in the two terms they have been in the office.

            “We are in the process of completing the referral hospital and the bus park is now open to the public,” he said.

            Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Samson Ojwang told the China State corporation contractors to hasten works on the road and complete the project on time.

            He said that awards for compensation of people doing business along the 7.5 stretch is ongoing and people will be compensated as soon as possible to avert delay for the construction.

            The construction of the road has been delayed by heavy rains last year and slow process of compensation.

            The project is at 50 per cent completion instead of the expected 80 per cent. The government has however moved in to militate against the challenges.

            Once completed, the road will open up international business.

By Pauline Ikanda

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