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Four schools closed over non-compliance

The  Ministry of Education has closed four schools in Embu for not having complied with regulations of Ministry of Education.

The affected schools, include Kiambere Universal Secondary, Joska Junior Primary, Mbuvori Seed of Hope, Jota Upper Hill Academy and Milindas Academy.

Speaking in Embu on Thursday, the County Director of Education (CDE), James Kairu, said the schools will be inspected before being allowed to operate again and ascertaining that they have met the requirements for operation.

The Joska Junior, a private school in Embu North Sub-county with 23 pupils was unregistered while Mbuvori Seed of Hope also a private school with 38 learners was operating without enough classrooms and toilets.

the  Jota Upper Hill Academy with population of 210 learners was closed due to poor sanitation and was operating with expired certificate of registration.

The  Milindas Academy in Embu East with 36 learners was unregistered and the Ministry directed the school Director to consult with department of education for inspection and registration.

The  CDE said children from the schools be admitted in the neighboring schools, adding that no child will be denied learning because of the closure of the schools.

“We  are not going to allow any school whether public or private to operate without being inspected and having met the required standards,” noted Kairu.

He further said for a school to operate, it must be inspected by the Ministry to ensure they meet the requirements and issued with certificate of compliance.

On school opening for first term, the Director has said learners have reported to their schools overwhelmingly.

“This includes lower region of Embu in Mbeere South Sub-County which normally experiences low reporting on opening day due to climatic condition in the area,” he further added.

By  Kimani Tirus

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