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Freedom fighter Kimathi’s family asks government to end their trauma

Wananchi  attending Dedan Kimathi’s anniversary celebrations at Karuraini village, Nyeri County on Tuesday February 18, 2020 take selfies at the monument where he was shot and captured. Photo by Mwangi Gaitha/KNA.

The  family of freedom fighter, Dedan Kimathi has made a passionate plea to the government to end their emotional suffering and trace the body of the so that they can accord him a decent burial.

Led by Kimathi’s daughter, Evelyne  Wanjugu  Kimathi, the family insisted they have credible information from Kamiti Prison about the location of her father’s grave.

Wanjugu  was  speaking  on Tuesday at Karunaini village, Tetu sub-county in Nyeri County during Dedan Kimathi’s 63rd  anniversary celebrations.

Ms. Kimathi claimed the grave of her father has finally been located at Kamiti Maximum Prison and added that they are now praying that the government exhumes the remains so that they can inter the veteran at their home.

“Why can`t the Kenyan government together with the British authorities come together and give us the body of our hero Dedan Kmathi,” Wanjugu posed.

She added that her mother, Mrs. Mukami Kimathi was in her sunset years and that the best gift the government can give her is the body of her husband to accord it a decent burial.

“Why don’t we let the widow of Dedan Kimathi, Mukami leave this world knowing that she was able to bury her husband?” Wanjugu lamented.

The hero’s daughter maintained that the remains of Dedan Kimathi is in Kamiti Maximum Prison and the family was only asking for the exact location of the grave.

“People who we have talked to but we decline to give their identities confirmed that they know where Kimathi was buried,” she alleged.

Wanjugu asked, “If the British government brought Kimathi’s file after 50 years, why not his remains? Let’s stop the cat and mouse game.”
Speaking during the same occasion, the Nyeri Governor, Mutahi Kahiga echoed Wanjugu’s sentiments, saying there was need to give Kimathi a decent burial.

Kahiga also added that the county government has already erected a monument in honour of the former freedom fighter at the area in his memory.

Kahiga  emphasised the importance of recognising the Mau Mau fighters through provisions of BIMA health cover programme for them by the county government of Nyeri and ensuring that those living in the 33 former colonial villages are awarded title deeds.

By  Beth  Ndirangu

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