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From casual laborer to longest serving driver

It’s a dream of everyone in any working field to have a fulfilling career with a reasonable level of financial stability.

But sometimes this becomes hard to maintain with a lot of people failing to understand what it takes to be successful in their careers.

Sammy Munyari, one of the longest serving executive driver at the County Government of Nyeri talks about his career success as he looks forward to his retirement next year in June.

Munyari who is a husband and a father of five has worked diligently behind the steering wheel for 38 years since he first secured employment in the defunct County council of Nyeri on 11th July 1983.

He has worked as a senior driver for over three decades and served under all the governors in the County Government of Nyeri under the Executive Driver category.

Speaking on how he ended up becoming an executive driver, Munyari says that he scaled his career ladder from a casual labourer to become a senior driver.

“I was hired as a casual laborer when I first secured employment in the government. In the course of my work, I met a plant operator who inspired me to learn how to drive. I trained under him and eventually became a plant operator too,” Munyari said.

He adds, “then in 1999 there were vacancies advertised for the senior driver position, I applied and I was recruited for the job.”

Munyari says that for anyone to succeed in their career, they must have discipline, perseverance, thoughtfulness, teamwork and respect towards those interacting with them, adding that he puts God first in everything he does.

“I have learnt to work harmoniously with people, you have to first know yourself and take time to learn your colleagues’ personalities and this will make the working environment conducive. I also perform your duties diligently with patience, kindness and teamwork and with this you will rarely find yourself at odds with your colleagues and supervisors or even your juniors,” he stated.

In the course of his duties, Munyari says he has travelled to most counties except Marsabit and Garissa and has also ventured into the neighboring countries of Uganda and Tanzania.

Serving for such a longtime as a driver, Munyari says that he goes for fresher courses on driving to ensure that he is up to date with new trends emerging on road signs and road usage.

“As a government driver, I regularly go for refresher courses at the Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology (KIHBT). I am acquainted with automatic cars despite operating manual cars for the longest period of my career,” Munyari stated.

On the challenges he faced while on duty, Munyari says the Covid-19 pandemic had the most impact on the ways of life but he has learnt to live with it.

As his driving career comes to an end after attaining the retirement age of 60 years next year in June, he says that he is satisfied with the time he has served and says he is ready to go back to his family and work on family projects after retirement.

He advises the young drivers, “Be your own self, invest in your skill as a driver by occasionally going for refresher courses and be patient with yourself and others. Avoid alcohol all the time while driving.”

Munyari lauds the County Government of Nyeri  for giving him a chance to serve, urging his colleagues whom he will leave behind to perform their duties meticulously as they honor and love God above all things.

By Ann Ngure

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