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Garissa leaders call for help to solve water shortage  

A section of Garissa leaders has appealed to the National and County governments, donors and other well-wishers to help in mitigating the effects of drought, and particularly lack of water in the county.

Speaking on their behalf in Garissa town, Modogashe MCA Ali Gure said the situation is dire and thousands of people are in need of relief food. Gure said that schools and hospitals in Lagdera Sub County could be shut down due to lack of water amidst worsening drought. “Our people are suffering due to lack of water. We have been relying on water trucks to supply water to residents but they are not enough to serve thousands of the residents now in dire need of the commodity,” Gure said.

“I want to call on both the national and county government and well-wishers to help us with more water supplies,” he added

Gure alleged that the recent border clashes between Garissa and Isiolo counties may have been fueled by lack of enough water and pastures for animals. “The security challenges in Lagdera and Isiolo borders are adding pain to the people. People are fighting for the few water wells in the area. These problems may escalate if we do not move fast to address water shortage,” the MCA said.

Yesterday Garissa governor Ali Korane noted that the area had experienced low rainfall leading to shortage of water and pastures for livestock.

The National Drought Management Authority has already issued an alert over the deterioration in livestock body condition and milk production.

In its January report, the authority said that stored water and water sources are depleting by the day due to the failed October-December rainfall.

Garissa just like the neighbouring counties in North Eastern did not receive adequate rainfall during the last October – November short rain season and as a result most of the earth pans did not collect any water and pasture did not grow on vast areas of grazing land.

By Erick Kyalo and Jacob Songok


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