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Gender Based Violence on the rise during COVID-19 Pandemic

A high number of gender-based violence cases has been reported in the coast region during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Speaking during unveiling of Human rights report between March and May 2020 Friday, HAKI Africa executive director Hussein Khalid said this has been necessitated by the ongoing curfews and the cessation of movement where victims cannot run out for help or cross borders to other counties with relevant offices to tackle their cases.
“It would appear that the cessation of movement and the stay at home has made the female gender to bear the brunt of the closed society,” said Khalid adding that this needs to be considered to bring an end to the vice.” Said Khalid.
He added that husbands have decided to go rough on their wives at the same time warning women who have decided to go rough on their children and house helps in some cases.
He said children have not been spared and the need to recognize the importance of children in the society.
On Friday, we commemorated the international day of children who were violated through various atrocities and we continue agitating for the rights of children.
The HAKI Africa director reported the case of an eight year old girl who went missing and was later found killed and dumped in a water hole in Bamba area Kilifi County in the coast region.
The director noted Kilifi has a high number of children-related cases calling on the authorities to work on the challenges facing the vulnerable populations in the society including women and children.
Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) coast region coordinator Rashid Wekesa said his office has received the status report and will follow up and reflect on areas of concern.
He added that investigations have commenced for cases reported to the coast regional office and will be hastened with those found culpable at the end of the investigations being prosecuted.
Wekesa said IPOA has enjoyed good working relationship with civil society organizations since they are stakeholders in issues human rights and promised to keep the cordial relationship.
By Joseph Kamolo

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