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Githunguri Dairy & Community Foundation in service to the Community

The Githunguri Dairy & Community Sacco Limited (GDC) has embarked on a community service delivery program via its subsidiary the GDC foundation, in a pro-active move aimed at social responsibility.

Operating on a four-point mandate namely clean energy, dairy production, members’ subsidy and youth support, it’s marketing director Irene Karungu said that the foundation has 150,000 members as of March 19, 2024 and expects the number to keep increasing as they target more youth to buy into its mandate.

“We are currently making overtures to our youth in Githunguri, we’d like to get them on board by offering employment opportunities’’ she said. Adding that currently the majority of the staff are graduates and are seeking to employ even more. “Since the launch we have hired many youth, even now the majority of our staff average between 36-38 years” she said.

The foundation has donated water storage tanks, solar powered lamps and biogas to its members citing a need for clean energy.

Through its Pambazuka housing cooperative, the foundation has been able to secure residential houses for its women members who may not be financially stable to access better housing on their own. “This is one way our women can be empowered” Karungu affirms.

She further highlighted the benefits of the foundation to the residents of Githunguri saying that free medical camps have been set up to help them access medical care without having to pay steep amounts that other  hospitals charge. “Members who lack health insurance can now access medical care right here in Githunguri” adding that food and medical donations to the community is done on a regular basis as a way of giving back to the community.

The foundation also empowers its members to provide good and quality dairy products by offering quality semen at a reduced price. “We have a flat rate of sh.500 for every semen purchased”, this is half the normal price” she said. Adding that as a show of good will the foundation has since its inception donated 10 heifers to its members and that this trend will continue.

“So far we have handed out 10 heifers each costing sh.150, 000 to some of our members and will continue to do so as a show of support and to increase daily production” she expressed.

One such beneficiary is Gachene Kamau who now has a source of livelihood thanks to the foundation

“I now have 3 pedigree cows which give me about 40 litres of milk per day, I can now afford to feed my family and take my kids to school thanks to the GDC foundation” Kamau says.

Such initiatives have seen the meteoric rise of its parent company, Githunguri dairy, to the country’s third largest milk processor after the New Kenya Cooperative Creameries and Brookside.

Launched in December 16, 2022, the foundation seeks to bridge the gap between its members and access to basic services.

By Xavier Brian

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